How Do Electronic Prescriptions Work?

It is becoming easier and easier for medical professionals of all stripes to do their jobs accurately and with much precision, thanks to several advancements in medical technology and software that is able to automate so many aspects of the doctor’s office as well as the pharmacy.

Using e prescribing software, doctors can quickly and easily transmit a prescription order from their office to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice. This technology is making things so much easier and more streamlined for everyone involved in the process.

How Does it Help?

Think about it this way: This software is able to make it so that doctors no longer need to write down a prescription by hand and send it with the patient to the pharmacy. When the patient has to take the prescription order to the pharmacy, they will then have to wait around for their medicine to be filled or go do something else to kill time while they wait.

e prescribing software

With these new software solutions, the doctor can transmit the prescription order as soon as he or she has prescribed and walked through the medication with the patient, allowing the pharmacy to work on filling the order for the patient as quickly as possible. The prescription order will show up with the patient’s name, what medicine they need, and how much of the medicine they need.

This way, when the patient is ready to leave the doctor’s office and head to the pharmacy to pick up their medicine, there will be a good chance that it has already been filled, and is sitting and waiting for the patient to pick it up. This can make the whole process so much simpler for everyone involved, especially the patient who needs to get their medicine as soon as possible so they can begin taking it as prescribed and feeling better.

If all of this sounds like something your medical office or pharmacy could take advantage of, don’t hesitate to take the necessary steps to move your facility into the Digital Age with some of these fantastic technologies.

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